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  • Garibaldi's fountain

    The oldest fountain in Koper is situated on the Garibaldi street, just next to the famous  Titov trg. From Titov trg, you only have to strool down the Garibaldi street, and the fountain will be on your right. I admit that the fountain does not look very special at the...

    0 by Martha, 4 years ago
  • Čevljarska ulica

    Čevljarska ulica, literally translated as 'Shoemaking street' is a narrow street in the old town centre of Koper. The street got its name exactly because of what the name tells you: In the past, this street used to have a variety of shoemakers' shops and shoe repairing...

    0 by Martha, 4 years ago
  • Mokra mačka beach

    Mokra Mačka beach Koper is known as the main beach of Koper. Actually, it is one of only two Koper beaches. Another one is located at Žusterna. Mokra Mačka is literally translated as 'wet pussy'. Why is it called like that? I have no idea, and I asked several people,...

    0 by Martha, 4 years ago
  • Škocjanski zatok

    Škocjanski zatok is a natural reserve, located right next to Koper, and there is a circular walking trail all around it. The place itself is the remaining of the Koper bay and there is still some salty water in the area, mixing with rivers and streams. It is a walking...

    0 by Martha, 4 years ago
  • Simonov zaliv

    The San Simon Izola, or Simonov Zaliv (the Simon's bay), as some of the people call it, is the most famous beach in the city of Izola.  The place is situated about one kilometer out of the Izola city centre, and it is easily accessible by walking – the path goes just...

    0 by Martha, 4 years ago
  • Izola library

    The one and only library in Izola, called Mestna knjižnica Izola, or in Italian Biblioteca Civica di Isola, is one of these libraries where you have the feeling that you are not in the twenty – first century anymore. And it feels good. Most libraries that I have been...

    0 by Martha, 4 years ago
  • The panoramic elevator

    Despite the fact that Koper is a small coastal city, it offers surprisingly a lot of interesting sights. And, as you have probably guessed from reading my previous entries, I really like visiting different kinds of viewpoints, because this way, I can get a different...

    0 by Martha, 4 years ago

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