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  • Pizzeria Atrij

    Pizzeria Atrij is probably the most popular place to eat in Koper among students and young people. It is situated in the old town centre, just next to the Čevljarska ulica (Shoemaking street) and students love to go there, because it is close to all the universities...

    0 by Martha, 4 years ago
  • Restaurant Peperoncino

    Restaurant and pizzeria Peperoncino is another excellent restaurant, situated in Koper, more precisely on the first floor of the Tuš Planet Shopping Centre. It was only opened two years ago, and before that, there was another restaurant at the same place, which was...

    0 by Martha, 4 years ago
  • Chinese restaurant Cesarska Hiša

    You have to admit that eating a meal  in a Chinese restaurant is something that everyone of us has already done at least once in our lives or at least wishes to do in the near future. In the past (which means until this year), I have never even been inside a Chinese...

    0 by Martha, 4 years ago
  • Papa Chico

    Papa Chico mexican restaurant is considered to be the best mexican restaurant on the Slovenian coast. Well, there is not much choice because you can only find two mexican restaurants there. Besides Papa Chico, that is situated in Portorož, you can also eat in its...

    0 by Martha, 4 years ago

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